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Protection of valuable artifacts, records, presidents family, and visitors were all factors in bridging for the future.

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Lacey Fire Protection Engineering (Lacey FPE) is Arkansasí† firm dedicated to the specialized field of fire protection engineering.†

An experienced Fire Protection Engineer (FPE) brings a unique perspective to any project.† Trained to not only understand legal requirements related to the protection of life and property, but also actively participates in the code and standard adoption process.

Our goal is to support each individual, firm, owner, and jurisdiction who has a sincere interest in the protection of life and property.† By applying a global perspective to every project we not only intend to satisfy codes, but to provide a solution that serves everyone involved.

Every business and building owner has a unique set of needs from identification of risk to the proper solutions for protecting those risks.† To effectively evaluate the risks, one should have a broad understanding of loss control, process safety, business interruption, OSHA regulations, building and fire code requirements, employee behavior, code enforcement, installation practices, and life cycle costs of the final product.

Lacey FPE brings these qualities to each project.† Our experience in municipal and industrial fire fighting, plant safety engineering, high-risk protection, Total Quality Management, Process Safety Management, Behavioral Based Safety, performance based design, federal and local regulations, building and fire code enforcement, and customer focus puts us out in front.

We have worked in construction, design and code enforcement to understand first hand the challenges of each area.† Let us help you put it all together.

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