Making the smoke control system fit the space is critical to overall success.

Lacey Fire Protection Engineering, LLC

Ensuring smoke control systems are effective while meeting architectural features is easier to address when the FPE is involved in early stages of design.

Effective Smoke Control Systems

Smoke control systems are required by current codes to be Engineered Systems. Designing to 6 or 12 air changes no longer complies with code. As a result, significant factors must be evaluated such as the principle of design (pressurization, exhaust,...), size of design fire, location of design fire, best method to detect fire growth before it exceeds design criteria, weather and climate variations, and much more.

Computer modeling is a tool that significantly improves the accuracy of design parameters thus achieving proper velocity and pressure differentials while still being able to open and close doors.

 Evaluation of design fire

 Evaluation of air-flow through occupied spaces

 Separation of atrium from other spaces

 Computer modeling evaluating air-flow, leakage, and door forces

 Integration of smoke control systems with other building systems such as fire alarms, sprinkler water flow, security systems, HVAC systems, and more

 Commissioning of smoke control systems

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