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High expansion foam systems often provide better fire control with significantly less water. Evaluation of the fuel source can identify alternative suppression approaches.

Fire Suppression System Design

Lacey FPE has the background and experience to effectively evaluate unique hazards and fire risks to ensure the most effective level of protection.

Not every fire is the same. Occupancies and risks vary greatly. Smoke is extremely corrosive with the ability spread quickly, potentially resulting in more damage than the fire. Coordination of an appropriate detection and suppression system together can significantly improve the level of protection. Lacey FPE evaluates each situation for the most effective approach.

 Evaluate most effective approach for new installations.

 Evaluate existing facilities to identify adequacy of protection for hazards present.

 Sprinkler systems, clean-agent gaseous systems, foam systems, high-expansion foam systems, mist systems, Hi-Fog high pressure mist systems, and more.

 Basic performance design.

 Hydraulic calculated design for remote areas and pipe sizing.

 Detailed design with hydraulic calculations.

Properly locating sprinkler systems can avoid other code violation such as egress obstructions in stairways.

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