Lacey FPE has assembled a portable fire alarm evaluation package which allows us to test audibility conditions in existing occupancies. Using this equipment we can activate horns, chimes, and voice systems in specific areas to identify a facilities exact audibility needs.


While perfect for fire alarm retrofit applications, the experience of detailed field measurements in occupied facilities gives us the advantage to design the most effective system for new buildings as well.

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Testing the system for compliance is as critical as the initial design. Make sure your system is designed and installed to code and around your needs.

Fire Alarm Design and Commissioning

Mass Notification Design and Commissioning

Fire alarm systems have advanced significantly over the years. Requirements for speech intelligibility, strobe spacing, survivability, and component listing has also seen significant changes. Because of other priorities, most electrical engineers have not been able to keep up with these changes. Frequently design documents get issued that do not contain code compliant device spacing or sufficient information for competitive bidding.

Lacey FPE can evaluate and prepare detailed fire alarm criteria ensuring that owners are getting competitive bids that not only satisfy code requirements, but also better serve the building and occupants.

Here are just a few ways we can help:

 Proper spacing of devices such as strobes and horns ensures accurate bidding.

 Detailed specifications identify wire type, circuit configuration, sequence of operation, and more.

 Design based around the needs of each project. Our design process includes a risk assessment to evaluate each systems needs.

 Design can include shop drawing level detail with calculations. This is critical in regions where contractors do not have strong CAD or design staffing.

 Inspections during construction making sure devices are properly roughed-in before finishes are installed.

 Thorough commissioning and testing of systems to ensure code compliant design and proper interfacing with other building systems.

 Computer modeling of spaces for speech intelligibility.

Improper design and installation can result in problems for the life of the system. A proper evaluation and design up front can eliminate most future problems.

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